Magic is a great joy. There are two card tricks I know. They are both impressive, never show anyone how to do it. Keeping secret is how magic works. Watched many performers fret pre-show over their set list (sequence of songs). They imagine what an imaginary audience would approve of sequentially. There is a line of thought out there that says if people are approving what you do, then you are doing something wrong, like the other side of Groucho Marx’s line, “I wouldn’t want to be part of a club that would accept someone like me as a member”. I’m the same, imaginary ideas about the imaginary audience but sometimes I get enough bouncers inside me to disallow admittance for the worries or doubts and improvise in the moment. When improvising like that, there is one rule I try to keep close, never say “what should I do next?” or “I don’t know what to play now”, better likelihood for magic if doubts remain secret.

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