right and thong

There is a great film from 1979 called  The Shout (Alan Bates, Susannah York, John Hurt) spooky subplot about sound/ listening. Alan Bates character lived years with Indigenous people in Australia mastering one aspect of shaman’s power, a shout so loud it kills everything within a kilometre. The film is sort of filled with this mystery – is it true, is he deranged or does this shout and its fatal premise exist for real? I like the problem – we all know it is impossible but is it? Are we are willing to question whether or not our certainty about reality could be wrong?
I’m encouraged to think this is true. Trump, Taylor Swift, Doug Ford, Kanye they all agree with me. There is another film with Alan Bates that made the same point without getting into the supernatural. The King of Hearts. I can’t reveal the final scene without ruining the film for you but it turns itself inside out, a thing of beauty as is the music by Georges Delarue, incredible music. Moves playfully and melodically between minor 2cnds which keeps me amused and wondering how did he do that when ordinary that is a tense unpleasant transition. The kind of choice that isn’t how music is usually taught. If right and wrong are applied to harmony this is on the side of wrong but there it is being right.


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