job interview

bossman: do you know much about us?
applicant: I know someone who studied here years ago.
bossman: who?
applicant: don noyse 
bossman: i remember him. he managed a band called change my chakras.
applicant: right.
bossman: i told him do you have a signed contract? he said no. and then the band got a lot of attention and i said to him again do you have a signed contract and he said no. And then they left him for another manager a girl named uh jamie something and then it all went to hell.
applicant: you think you should always have a contract?
bossman: a piece of paper makes everyone understand better what’s going on and keeps people straighter.
applicant: what about all the people married who fall out of it? isn’t divorce like 50% even though they have a piece of paper?
bossman: but the paper is an incentive to stay together.
applicant: but there are bands that remained loyal to someone with just a handshake.
bossman: we teach people about how to make money.
applicant: ok. i can orient what i know to illuminate the probabilities of money.
bossman: why don’t you write it up for me in an email along with some you have some..
applicant: a cv of my activities and awards?
bossman: ya.
applicant: i’ll send you that and i’ll write up the kind of course i could offer. see if it works for you.
bossman: good one. so what does don do now?
applicant: he has a yoga studio. maybe two and he owns a building.
bossman: isn’t that something.
applicant: probably signed a lease.
bossman: probably.

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