two jobs

Today I made zucchini sticks with flour, oat milk and cornmeal. I recommend. Used jackfruit and cherries for latest Kombucha. The trick with exotics is just like pomegranates – more expensive if bought prepared or take 5 minutes and cut it up yourself for less. At the check out counter the satellite radio played Joan Armatrading and when I sung along “down to the ground down to the ground” the cashier looked at me like I did a magic trick. Tried to understand the rabid story the old homeless guy on the bench was spewing despite our friendlier talk last time. Halfway through I realized the lack of respect I gave off by trying to encourage him to be different than how he is. I definitely am not an example of a listener, you would think a musician should be good at that. Raced home to teach the three 6 year olds, a bit of a science experiment. Can I keep them interested in the piano without being cliche authoritarian grown up scaring the young about what is and what isn’t music, as if anyone has the authority. We use a lot of freeze dance and whoever loses becomes the next pianist. Got a call to meet a director who has made some great films. Got another call from an agent lukewarm about future possibilities between us. I braided the little girl’s hair into three as per her wishes. Made incremental efforts towards compiling my late tax return. Had my last lesson with college student who will stop for August, she is overwhelmed with doing a part time job plus practicing piano, two jobs – isn’t that called a vacation?

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