listening again

A singing student told their teacher they can’t sing the way they want and it depresses them.  Teacher asked “when was the last time you were happy?”
The student thought about it and replied “I’m often disappointed with myself”.
The teacher said  “I have some good news and some bad news and then possibly more good news”.
“What’s the good news!?” asked the student eagerly.
“Singing isn’t the problem, you’re singing ability is very good”.
“Then what’s the bad news”?
The teacher started to play with a ginkgo leaf, “the minds of people prefer to be depressed about something, even this message will likely be heard only as another disappointment”.
“That’s it?”
“But you said you had some good news and some bad news and more good news.”
“Yes, possibly more good news”.
“So what is it…the other good news?”
“I can’t tell you but it’s there if you listen again”.

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