first and second faves

Made another bread, so many Youtube tutorials so little time. These are the inexpensive flours, wonder what the difference is with high end stuff, maybe next time. They say Peter Gabriel always records through 58, that’s cute but I am attached to the high end microphones. Once upon a time CBC gave me a budget to “make a studio” to produce music for a sitcom – a purchasing budget of more than 10k. Maybe my all time favourite moment of surrealism. Better than the cop I raced outside Hagersville (he won). I couldn’t buy the things I really wanted like Mac stuff because back then it was all very territorial only sold by certain retailers. The place that had the gear wouldn’t serve me. Felt to me like they assumed I was riff raff in my army pants and undershirt, they just wouldn’t talk to me so I left the store. Instead, bought an Atari Stacy laptop and ran Notator. Then the two main guys from Notator did a tour of North America. A meet and greet at the Diamond club, 40 other people like me in the side room. There I was telling the actual creator of Notator from Germany that I missed a feature from a previous version and he said “That’s interesting I never thought someone would miss that, I’ll put it back in.” Second favourite moment of surrealism.

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