pt. 2

(cont’d) I was pissed off and more than a little on fire to write a letter about the salesperson who acted like I didn’t exist but I settled on a different response. In Toronto, during those midi and early music software years, usually I bought from Long and McQuade. It was mostly them or Steve’s and Steve’s stopped a union from forming which lost me as a customer even if it was more conveniently located when gigging on Queen street. Instead of trying to get the asshole fired from the store in the Yonge street back lane, I wrote to Jack Long and explained what happened and how I decided now to buy an Atari Stacy (all they sold) and commended the culture of salespeople who had helped me often, (singled out three) like many times on the phone for 20 minutes explaining a mark of the Unicorn synchronizer or why the JD990 string sound disappeared. Jack wrote me a thank you and the next time I walked into Long and McQuade, Newton stopped me and thanked me for the letter and told me they photocopied it and my letter hangs in the office upstairs and all sorts of staff thanked me as they saw me and they gave me larger than usual discounts the next 5 years. Was a better thing to do with anger.

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