A PhD student was studying the 1000 year works of composer Hildegard Von Bingen when she came upon her old poetic axioms positioning music as a metaphor for all sound and suddenly it hit her that this is also true to every art form. For a sculpturist, every shape including all ordinary forms could be seen as sculpture and for a dancer every movement could be seen as dance whether it is human or animal or wind blowing branches and for the painter every colour is part of a composition and the canvass is perpetually everywhere we turn our gaze and she started to explain this to her friends and family and then her mother slapped her across the face and said finish your degree and stop talking like a nut-bar! The young woman put her hand to her cheek and shot back “Are you from a work of fiction, “the abusive mother concerned about her daughters future” or are those your real thoughts?
Having been exposed as jus a disposable character the mother fled to the index.

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