I was recognized sitting alone at the front in a comedy show. Definitely a possibility when the comic started to probe random audience members and I knew him but not so well. Acted together in a scene in a comedy he starred in 5 years ago. We became friends but I hardly ever saw him after that. Now his style was improvising with random audience members, unlike my sense of him 5 years ago it was a little judgemental but understandable comedy method. He was on the youth network YTV maybe now he is distancing himself from that or maybe that’s ancient history. He turned his gaze on me sitting alone between two empty chairs with my thermos of ginger tea, he did his thing, asked about my posture, my clothes, my aloneness, the thermos and then fatal flaw-
What’s you name?
Bob. So what do you do “Bob” (said as if hard to pronounce).
Then his eyebrows had a moment, realized it was me, whispered into the microphone Wiseman?
Fell to his knees and said to the audience with a little bit of shock I know this guy!
I enjoyed the show especially this part because he was challenging himself to work unscripted and now the stakes were… more unscripted. I think he felt our relationship might change negatively if he continued to work the same swagger. He started talking instead about his recent divorce.
Next comic started her set acknowledging me to the crowd. I guess they spoke backstage.
You’re from that band what were they called?
Glue Rodeo.
Right what did you play with them?
Right right. Do you know the drummer?
There were three.
Right but do you know the one with a drug problem?
There were three.
Right right but not you? No drug problem?
It’s behind me.
What was their big song?
Baker street.
Wasn’t there another one?
Just Baker street.
Did you have a saxophone solo in that song?
Were you on drugs when you played it.

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