lucky chance

Director and composer were struggling to make sense, things were not going well. She gave him a few scenes with temp music that the editor had added. He imitated the temp music (fast electronic or fast solo drums) but she told him it wasn’t right each time. She felt self conscious because she didn’t know how to describe what she liked. He said that’s all right and kept trying other ideas. Tried to score it as if it was a film he had made, what would he enjoy if no one had given him temp music but again when she listened back she didn’t like it. He asked to look through the ┬ámusic files on her phone where she kept what she enjoyed. Noticed slow acoustic guitar music mostly. Then he wrote some slow acoustic guitar music and later next week after she heard it she said she loved it, exactly what she was wishing for. How did you do that? Said I just took a stab in the dark.

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