all the president’s men

My father would watch the news when he got home from work. I heard about Watergate over and over but I remember music in the 70s much more clearly than Nixon. I even recall one actual Beatles song debuting on the radio in real time, still in the release period. That was Two Of Us from the Let It Be album which though recorded before Abbey Road was released after Abbey Road. Guess that was 1970 or ’71. Staring at the rectangular white radio on Ronnie’s desk, hearing them whistle and the simple strumming acoustic guitars was powerful and more organic than anything else I ever heard before. It felt like listening to people who were friends with me, went straight into my blood stream. Still see that radio for an instant anytime anyone plays Two of Us. I later had a battery operated red radio screwed on between my handle bars as I sat on my green speckled banana seat. Carl Bernstein on the news discussing how much worse these Trump situations are than Watergate. Found myself thinking he doesn’t resemble Dustin Hoffman enough then remembered it was the other way around.

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