Some Say Love

There was a woman whose favourite artist was Bette Midler and she fell in love with a man she hoped would share her musical taste but never really came true like in her imagination. He just didn’t find Miss M. all that divine. She tried to persuade him, pointed out her fave moments of Bette Midler hoping he would be just as moved, he wasn’t. At one point she became obsessed about it, even thought they should break up but her high school friend, Mimi assured her there will always be another Bette Midler type situation looming, she added the universe works like that. She decided happiness isn’t finding someone who reflects the same taste as yours maybe it is just not giving a shit about judging the taste of others, then on second thought she decided fuck it – happiness is surrounding yourself with other people who liked the same stuff as you. Mimi came over with beer and they blasted The Rose on repeat. When he came home from work he joined them drinking and singing The Rose and said he remembered the movie this song was from, liked it lots. Who is it anyway? She answered I have no idea and realized she stumbled upon another working rule of the universe.
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