what would Otis

Recently played a show, started by playing blues like my brother taught me. Wonder if Otis Spann would approve when I play. Love letting the right hand try telling the story. Hate it if left hand isn’t having same respect. So that night played in two keys simultaneously. Allowed the creative exploration from my right hand as well as a brain kerfuffle reconciling the left hand in E and the right hand in Bb. This means the left and right were both juggling, it meant equal billing. Couple different audience members later praised what they heard. So then I asked if they understood what I was doing. No they didn’t. Funny in my head I thought it obvious, simultaneously ugly but beautiful, inside and outside. At least I didn’t ask them until I had finished playing. Throws me a little off my game to know in advance people are listening and thinking it doesn’t make sense.

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