Hard to believe durian on sale for $2.88 a pound but there it was 3 days ago. in the check out line concerned people had to ask did I know what I had there in my shopping cart? not only knew but calculated saving $40 yet didn’t consider the cost of making my house smell like durian. a sci-fi situation figuring out how to cut into it, probably arpeggiating synthesizers in the background score if a director should supply me with this footage. has to be experienced to understand. equally stunning discovering granadillas (3 for $5). have to go mexico one day now. the inside grey gel is gruesome but black seeds taste like crunchy refined bits of sugar, caught me by surprise like the online audio of trump talking with bob woodward.  proud again to wear a bob flag. the new piece is unfinished, asked one person what they thought. always a dumb move to get an opinion when it isn’t done,  like adding a knapsack of rocks in the middle of my marathon. now every next part is distracted by recalling his response and this music sounds nothing like the spice girls but try telling that to the now infected voices of my mind. new kombucha, earl grey instead of green and english breakfast. end result 2 days away. 3 litres. one is strawberry, one is blackberry but the one i’m most interested in i’m keeping secret.

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