The nice guys

When the fan-who-loved-to-gush saw the drummer-who-liked-to-state-the-obvious she told him she was planning to take her vacation at the same time as the band was touring Europe so she could attend all their foreign dates. “Why do that since you’ve already seen our show a zillion times?” replied the drummer-who-liked-to-state-the-obvious curtly. “Because you’re so fantastic!” answered the fan-who-loved-to-gush. She was used to the drummer not being the friendliest guy in the world but it didn’t matter, she really wanted to see the person who was now emerging from the dressing room. The singer-who-was-more-of-a-leisure-suit-model-than-musician noticed the fan-who-loved-to-gush and tried nonchalantly to walk the other way but it was too late she jumped in front of him and confessed she was planning to follow them across Europe. He opened his eyes widely and said “that’s wonderful”! He winked at her as she left and then the singer-who-was-more-of-a-leisure-suit-model-than-musician turned to the drummer-who-liked-to-state-the-obvious and said “Old Barney strikes again.” It was the name he used to insinuate she was unattractive and bore a resemblance to the cartoon caveman from the Flintstones. This was how he always referred to her but the drummer-who-liked-to-state-the-obvious felt differently about how to treat the fan-who-loved-to-gush. He simply wasn’t nice to her or put another way he discouraged her. He knew it and so did she. Thought this kinder than affirming her delusions that there existed an important friendship between them. It was annoying when the singer-who-was-more-of-a-leisure-suit-model-than-musician spoke rudely behind her back but kindly to her face. In fact the singer-who-was-more-of-a-leisure-suit-model-than-musician once told the drummer-who-liked-to-state-the-obvious, like a father to a son, “one needs to be nice to the fans, that’s what it’s all about”. Inside each mind they had completely different templates for understanding the meaning of nice.

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