overheard in the hallway

student 1: I keep trying but I keep failing, then I give up.
student 2: I know what you mean.
student 1: Never can play arpeggios like Hanzs then I get depressed.
student 2: Then I get a slice.
student 1: Two and a brio and feel horrible.
student 2: Then you stop practising
student 1: What’s the point.
student 2: To feel horrible.
student 1: Exactly.
student 2: I bet there is something that Hanzs gets depressed about.
student1: You think?
student 2: Deep down yes.
student 1: That’s better.
student 2: Humans are human. You ever see footage of Bobby Fischer freaking out.
student 1: I gave up trying to play chess because of him.
student 2: Hey! You’re doing it again.
student 1: What?
student 2: Making yourself feel horrible because of an idea. It’s only your imagination.
student 1: Want to get a slice?
student 2: Let’s.
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