from pinawa

I watched Dan, an 18 yr. old singer songwriter explain to the audience that the next song he was about to sing was by so and so who went to prison 100 years ago because he strangled a woman to death. But you know folks, he spent the rest of his life singing about her, about his regret each night….and here’s the song he sang…
Dan didn’t understand there was something wrong with this picture. Framing a murderer as a romantic because he played guitar and howled out the jail bars each night just isn’t good enough if we’re on tour together. He killed her, he’s an asshole and so are you for presenting it as though he inspires empathy. One of the all time dumbest introductions ever, bragging about not thinking.
I was looking forward to doing that tour alone but EMI publishing approached me and offered to take out some advertisements if I agreed to have him perform the opening slot. That was valuable, who has money to advertise (plural) and it could make much more happen for attendance. In exchange Dan would be the opening act. Ok. Must do better research next time or stick to instincts to do solo tours solo.
and they took out one advertisement “on tour with Bob Weizman”

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