New batch, green and purple bonus caraway. Divided into three, plan on giving 1 or 2 away to some unsuspecting friend. Amazing sauerkraut, could give one of these babies to a teacher but might be seen as a bribe, maybe it is. Payola everywhere. Trump positioning favours for later criminal charges. Strong arming corrupt judges into positions of power. I have another fig tree. The first one died after I put it back outside not expecting there would still be one more frost. This time I have to mulch around it and put up burlap. The woman at Evergreen seemed so confident about this process even though I don’t see anyone getting away with over wintering fig trees. If she’s on payola is it the mulch company or the black mission society? Hard to ever know with certainty. Payola from one view is pure intelligence, stacking the deck increases your odds of getting what you want. All those records sold through cocaine and sex work as told in Hit Men, astonishing and at the same time you might as well yawn because the same story has been told over and over. I’m trying to write ahead for my 20 page Marx paper. Suppose to explain 10 principles but I feel compelled to opening it with being 16 and my dad telling me that people vote from their pocketbook not their conscience. I understood his position but I also understood he was conveying irony since as a young man he was a member of the CCF and didn’t pass up opportunities to remind me. Was he saying he no longer could embrace leftist thinking or was he saying he thinks people are just looking for how to get in on payola?

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