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After being rejected four times by CBC for podcast ideas  maybe time I try my luck selling real estate and get a business card with my picture smiling about your property and my commission.  Put it in laundromats or drive a taxi maybe. When we were teenagers Butch Atnikov said  “there’s no excuse anywhere in any city for a person not to grab a job driving cab it’s so simple”. A soundbite that still dances around my inner tape loops. First Toronto job from Employment Canada, sent me some place past the airport, assisted European buyers of animal hides. Hides on hangars in cold storage. Me and other young people retrieved them to different tables. Have no idea where I was and what I was doing. Somebody said we would make big tips but we made minimum wage only. After a few jobs that made no sense I had a good run as sandwich-maker on Baldwin at Yofi’s, memorable for co-workers I didn’t get on with but met my future bassist and collaborator masquerading as dishwasher. Don’t think I would ever return to a restaurant but there are one or two things that might be fun to return to. Sometimes bet it would be fun to be the mod-a-gogo-stretch-a-lastic-pants keyboard/ accordion player in the Sadies.

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  1. I came across your page, because I was looking up some eighties Canadian musicians, and then someone noted that they played with you, and then I remembered seeing you at the El Mocombo, and then I came to this page. In any case, I also worked at Yofi’s. I was a teenager (probably 16) and worked in the kitchen. I don’t remember too much about it, but I do recall making the falafel mix. There were no measurements; you just added as much water as necessary to the falafel mix in a big stainless steel bowl. I remember the cook (I can’t remember his name) telling me to add enough water until the mix felt like a fat man’s belly. I also remember going to the record store across the street and buying a fantastic Toots and the Maytals record, and going next door to the Tofu factory to buy tofu for the Yofi’s.


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