thesis query

I need an academic question to seal the deal for everyone that will be judging it. Marx says capitalism requires unemployment, a critical mass willing to be exploited, waiting in line outside the factory. Does the commodity driven music business work like that? Really need all these musicians who can’t make a living from it to continue to be in that situation? Thinking of studying open stages, Fat Alberts, the Tranzac and Rise in Scarborough. I love the democracy there, anyone can play. Love not knowing if the next person is boring or amazing and even more than that being surprised by my incorrect assumptions. How unlike the music business where only a few get any support. Artists adjust to the confusing messages  “should have had the chorus first”, “should have made it a ballad”, “should have had a solo after the verse” all variations of someone’s opinion but why care about their opinion, why give them that power? Maybe that’s the question, is the opinion of the provider of capital worth giving up your own opinion of your music for?


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