scope radio

I saw a performance-art-cowboy guy in New York in the 80s called Ned Sublet. He played his portable radio as an instrument. Did a solo with his band, solo was him playing the tuning dial. Love how radio has that random aspect of not knowing what’s on when or what’s on where. When I applied to do my Masters, no idea that they pay. There wasn’t anything in the preliminary material “and by the way if we accept you we pay your tuition so don’t worry about that” or if there was it went over my head. And if you do a PhD  you get a salary – maybe the rest of the word knows these things but not me. Like when you get a contract to write music for a film, contract items insinuate you will be sued if you do not deliver the material on time or that you must indemnify the company contracting you if anything goes wrong, etc. You gain new understanding, how the bigger picture plays out the more you are directly situated inside it, like first times in a recording studio, the ear changes.  Parts of other recordings reveal themselves in new ways, you might gain a completely different perspective about listening, forever after. I walked into the job fair at York University last month where different schools pitch to students why they should come to their graduate studies at this place or that place. I was curious to ask about PhD salaries – between 20k and 45k depending on the school and subject. Many different sections. Chinese medicine, physio therapy, medicine, sports, education. law, environmental sciences and environmental studies, psychology, fine arts and business. Guy from Ivy Business didn’t have anyone at his booth. Behind him a blown up map of airplane routes between New York, London, Dubai and Hong Kong. I asked what was the deal there. They were a whole other thing – you, the student pay $75,000 US ( I think he said you “only” pay 75k)  for one year training in a Masters of Business Administration in any three of those cities plus you pay all your own expenses –  amazing deal for Trump children of the world, I like the contradictions especially. That’s the best part about radio too, going around the dial loving and hating. Was asked last week if I would like to do a show, who wouldn’t want to?

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