sail on silver girl

Bought the record because of an interest in Herbie Mann but discovered Cissy Houston. And when Whitney Houston’s career took off and people ooo’d and awwww’d over her technique and tone I was meh because her mother did way more for me. Liked her relationship more to what she sang and how she sang it. And when Whitney Houston died and there was a tribute for her on tv and Cissy Houston sung the greatest version ever of  Bridge Over Troubled Water, stunning musically and emotionally, the singer mother singing about deceased singer daughter. Never thought of that song before with the meaning it had when Cissy Houston sung it now. Maybe Paul Simon didn’t either. In all the writing surrounding Aretha Franklin’s funeral heard something surprising – Respect was originally a signature song for Otis Redding. Went to Youtube to check out his version, different energy. Liked how different singers, different genders can change how you experience a song. There was a student in an ensemble last year who liked Adele and hated Bob Dylan. I told her “Make You Feel My Love” was by Bob Dylan.  She said that was impossible, then looked it up and were very confused. How could this guy she hated have written a song she loved sung by an artist she loved? One of my favourite records was It Ain’t Easy by Long John Baldry and the piano on it is by Elton John. How am I suppose to preserve my bias when confronted with shit like that?

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