la decima vittima

Most film scores have a range of music, a palette the composer paints with. But there is a film called The 10th Victim from the 1960s in Italy and the score is just one song used over and over, it’s pretty amazing as is the story about a reality TV game played in the 21rst century where people win a million dollars after surviving 10 attempts on their life and murdering 10 other players (howzat for future thinking – made over half a century ago).
In a way, The Third Man does it too or everything there is distinctly solo Anton Karas zither.
(honourable mention to Gato Barbieri in Last Tango In Paris.)

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  1. I remember once taking a flight to Vancouver and “Last Tango in Paris” was an available option on the video player. I knew that it was a movie that was often talked about by film people, and that it starred Brando, but that was about it. Sitting beside me was a mom and her 4 year old son. It was probably the most uncomfortable flight I’ve ever taken, but I did end up finishing the movie.


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