ring tone intervention

in the meeting I was in someone had the champs doing tequila when their phone rang. this version on her phone skipped the intro, started with the saxophone commanding everyone’s attention for at least 7 seconds. awesome song but no possibility for discretion.  my ringtone is voodoo child by jimi hendrix. starts with a chicka chicka sound that isn’t intrusive. i have about 4 seconds to react and turn off the volume before jimi enters the building. enough time. i didn’t expect voodoo child to make me so many friends but strangers pleasantly surprised often when I get a call.
until yesterday when someone gave me the evil eye. seemed to be judging me negatively like i had a lot of nerve to have jimi seconds. were watching our kids in a tae kwon do at the Y. are you bothered by my ringtone? yes he said hendrix shouldn’t be used like that he’s sacred. I understand do you play guitar. no.
then watched him make negative remarks to his 6 yr old son (three times) for not being coordinated enough or fast enough running relay exercises and whatever else they did in little kid land. sensed i could see the future son-of-angry, it wasn’t pretty. grows up wishing he could please father and never can. eventually moves away communicates rarely with father. through growing up father wishes kid was different. eventually blames him or the mother’s genes for father’s disappointments.  bet a little ringtone intervention might change the whole thing. 

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