D secret

D#  was dreaming all the time, longed to be E, just a little sharper. Woke up each day wondering if today was the day,  went to bed each night regretting it still wasn’t E. Fear of dying and  never being achieving E-ness. D# knew there were tuning hammers out there. Definitely the change was possible though a little risky. You might snap some said or worse you might not like being E or worse again you might want to be F.
D noticed this about more notes besides D#.  but had a whole other sense what was going on – that the dreaming itself was a trick of consciousness. Consciousness was positioning itself inside notes intentionally fostering unachievable dreams and delivering disappointment. D wondered if this was a trick just to keep music creating more music. As long as there was pain there was music, that’s the rub.
D was fearful of thinking too much about it. D tried to blend in. Commiserated with the usual complaining keys to the left and to the right. “Yes it’s horrible, you would really be a terrific A#” it said to A while at the same time making reassuring smiley faces to G who cried about not caring any longer about the God damn Bach Air on G. On one hand it was a conspiracy theory but on the other, if D was correct, then consciousness  knew all along what was up. D’s biggest fear & secret, that its own consciousness was a double agent. 

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