The Polite Smile

Marx professor goes on and on about how many amazing insights and topics Marx wrote about, says it’s endless. Feel like that about Logic music software even though we’ve been together more than 20 years there is still an endless amount of other rooms in the house I am yet to enter. Some of the most fun has been teaching 20 yr olds at Centennial College. They hand in assignments done on Logic and it demonstrates their relationship with trying to find their way on this same platform. Many used simplest short cuts, dragged and dropped loops, simulated instruments. Occasionally someone mapped out something I couldn’t figure out. That was the best. How did they do that? How does their mind work? How might I try that with my work?
Producing a former student, she was trying to do something with Logic and was frustrated. Offered to set it up. After each thing I did she was amazed – how did you do that? 6 or 7 times in a row. No idea about the shortcuts I use even though one of their mandatory courses supposedly taught them how to quickly get around. Makes me think my songwriter brain might teach stuff like this differently, maybe uniquely. Never met whoever is in charge, maybe the fault is not theirs but sure saw a lot of students who didn’t seem to know how to navigate this under $150 superpower, which they own, that gives them simulated Pultecs, Fender Twins, Ludwig kits, 87 mics, room sounds, Mini Moogs, Leslie’s, pitch correction, timing correction and echo.
Marx professor smiles politely when I say I know what he means but I really do.

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