no different

If you live long enough you see people have children and then those kids become adults and you might consider the difference between their child personality and their adult one. It changes what you think about the people who were adults when you were a kid. Hits you how ordinary everyone is.  The authority when you were small at a certain point is you to someone else who is small and yet you are as you were. Whoever you thought those adults were,  they actually are like all ordinary people who lost their car keys or burned supper or attended the important meeting with their fly undone. Sometimes when I encounter incredible musicians it has had the effect of leaving me feeling I might as well quit because they’ve reached heights I can’t imagine. It’s good to remember Nina Simone or Bach or Mary Margaret O’Hara or Noam Chomsky or Margaret Atwood all at some point inconveniently farted or burped, no different than anyone.

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