I wasn’t planning to check Beatles White album remixes but then somebody posted an alt take of Revolution and for anyone who knows their Beatles, it was like being in an alternate universe and in this instance John became Yoko. It was incredible. Still, it seems wrong to inspect something the artists did not intend for you to snoop through. There was something weirdly in common to me between that attending the film about Dick Cheney, Vice. I wasn’t sure what it is because Cheney is alive and can defend himself. He can scream that the facts are fake news.  I imagine John or George didn’t want us to hear their stuff that they didn’t plan for us to hear. What writer/filmmaker/ painter/ musician does?
Anyway – super scoring throughout. I admire the guts of the director accepting great non-cliché ideas. Brad Pit and Will Ferrell among the many producers in the credits. Since there is no jail sentence or judgement considerable enough to serve the Cheney’s of the world it feels films about rabid grabs at power, the expense of millions of casualties and murders, the removal of privacy laws and the selling out of his own offspring – accomplishes something else, the shaming or humiliation of a lowlife. Sort of hit me, the questionable position of listening to something John or George didn’t plan to make available is like Cheney doesn’t want you to see him in such vivid light for who he is and that’s what they have in common that they can’t control this narrative.

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