Sat down on the subway, an old woman across from me leans in, hands me a flyer on Jesus. It’s ok I say discouraging the exchange, she says something about the bible. You said something about the bible? Yes judgement day is coming. There is no judgement day I tell her politely but with authority. Other people are becoming amused. Yes judgement day is coming God wants this she tries to explain while also looking at the ground nodding her head like someone who feels sorry for someone. She says something about the devil. Before you know it I’m reassuring her there is no devil and no God. Then who made everything she demands? The Earth I say, everything comes from the Earth. Yep no God, no devil and no judgement day, she’s pretty fortunate to have bumped into me. Bathurst station, she gets up, she is 80, an old dress that goes down to her ankles, nice old pattern, her body is a little twisted, she walks off slow.
Put my name down on the list for the open stage. When it was my turn I noticed there was a table of people talking loudly. Had to decide whether to stick with my plan to play something improvised or not. I chose not, it would be less fun trying to travel where I want with a loud radio station on in the background. I played something not very vulnerable half way through invented pauses that were long and other parts unnaturally quiet. Made it awkward for the talking table. They win for now but at least if this was chess I took their queen before dying.
In class last week, Marx teacher raised eyebrows, said nature is here to serve mankind. One student raised his hand, disagreed, a third of the class joined him. The teacher doubled down on his view but didn’t have satisfying rebuttal and then said we have other work to do. In previous weeks household work came up as an area Marx didn’t properly address. There are wages for people working jobs making commodities but what about people, women more often than not, raising children and doing domestic household work. Shouldn’t their value also be factored into all the equations? The student who disagreed with him about nature serving mankind has an unusual perspective, nature should be entitled to something for its work or recognized for its unpaid labour. Pretty sure that was what he said, who pays the ear of corn to grow itself? I get lost in the different belief systems all around me no doubt my own equally confuse them.

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