not a brian eno joke

Imperialism was discussed in the last class, how it follows the progression of capitalism. Lenin apparently said it designates a later stage of capitalism, the stage after the establishment of monopolies. I can see how that is true but at the same time if Imperialism is defined as influence or forced influence over another country than it isn’t only capitalsim with that legacy. China and Taiwan or China and Tibet, Russia and Eastern Europe. I asked the teacher about that. He didn’t agree with me, he was focussed on the year 1917 and didn’t seem capable of getting him to see my perspective. Not sure if the class appreciates my view or thinks I’m getting in the way of the professor’s goals. Nonetheless, seems to me power works this way regardless of which system is in place, like the old saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Same in music making/ creating, the space is made to feel democratic or tyrannical. I definitely recall first hand experiences being in a group before and after imperialism.

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