blowin’ in the wind

There is a line of thought that says from within a system you can’t understand the system. Pretty sure things work like that. When I was dishwasher no matter how many were cleaned more kept coming. ┬áIn that back lane Osbourne village restaurant we had a juke box. Not a usual thing in 1978, for staff to program their own juke box and for that place and time it had a wide range of dynamics. When the shift was over and lovers or stragglers were still occupying seats and we needed to close the doors. Would test how many times in a row it took to clear the room with one song. Usually Crosstown Traffic by Jimi Hendrix, usually 6 times. Funny, when I think about it now Just The Way You Are by Billy Joel was also on the juke box. What was I thinking.
Changing the system can’t be understood from within. Writing music a little like that. Neil Young awarded the Hall of Fame award last year and said it’s like trying to catch a rabbit, waiting outside a hole and you can’t force it, you hope it’ll raise its head and come out. Leonard Cohen too, speaking about new songs said they were ageing in a bottle and later he’ll uncork it and see if it tastes any good. That’s like the mind jumping up and down yelling at the wind that it will quit smoking or lose weight or show up on time or stop having a bad temper – but never does any of it, just more yelling at the wind each day, (each night). One has to try an entirely different position if one’s goal is achieving any of the things the mind is busy complaining about. Have known more than one broke songwriter who says to me “fuck it I’m just going to write a hit song”.

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