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Had  one piano lesson one time with a woman from the former Soviet Union. I asked her about a technique I saw her do in concert. She answered by saying people find themselves in life trying to figure out where they are and what’s been given to them. Nobody invented your existence or this planet where we live. People spend their existence trying to figure out as much as they can. Look how people who study the brain study the brain but they didn’t invent it. They experiment and try to figure out what might affect it in which way. When people have a new medicine to apparently solve a problem we say they discovered the solution it isn’t like they created any of this. They didn’t “solve” it because what made it in the first place? It’s like they heard a loud banging on the door all night long and discovered if they put something in their ears they don’t hear it as much as they previously did. But what really happened is something is still knocking at the door. How did a door manifest anyway? They don’t know!  So don’t ask me how I do my trick with my right hand, find your own tricks.

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  1. I see that marxism class is turning you into quite the capitalist…


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