hannah and the universal laws

Watched two films eerily similar in a way I can’t prove but so it is. One, a documentary about Estonia and their fight to detach themselves from the Soviet Union. An older Russian woman tells the camera that the Estonians smile to your face and the next minute stab you in the back. She speaks as though the Estonians should have been grateful they were invaded by the Soviet Union 60 years earlier and has the calm entitlement of a colonial ruler believing their status an indefinite right. The other film about Hanna Arendt and the freaking out that followed her account of Eichman in Jerusalem, the impossibility for people to consider her description of Eichman as a non-thinking buffoon and her critical remarks about Jewish councils during the Holocaust. There are certain laws about human behaviour you can’t prove with a measuring stick but they are real. A certain percentage of people will hear a certain soloist and be offended by the very thing that makes that soloist valuable to others, even awarded by others. Always been like that and always will be.

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