cheering the crash

I was blindsided when my daughter found motivation. I thought I could present her with compelling reasons to learn piano by playing little snapshots of peppa pig or yellow submarine but it never stuck. then her best friend at school started to play piano. now she sits on her own, noodling. she wants me to figure out what that friend plays and then teach her. I’m more excited about the fact that i didn’t consider this angle. I remember peer pressure wars in primary school, who was in, who was out. how shamelessly I moved to position myself on the inside even when I understood the unfair gang mentality declining one kid’s participation with the larger group because of their clothes or their body or their speech or their lunch. but that dynamic, belonging to a group with an alpha and followers. scares me. has it ever stopped? from little kids to red Maga hat buddies cheering the stock market crashing on Xmas day.


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