record connection

Watched an interview last winter with American record company executive with horrible stories of abuse from her boss, other stories about discovering talent. I tried to find an email address for her but no. Then figured out a company she was half connected to and everyone there has a personalized email. Guessed at what be hers and explained a bit about the people I’m currently producing and the previous and future projects and asked if she would like to hear some. If you can reach someone in a real position of power that’s half the battle. Almost one year later (tonight) she wrote me back saying yes and supplying me with better future contact info. So rare someone is cool back. Ron Sexsmith’s recording career happened because of this dynamic, reaching out to someone who seemed like a cross between a big shot and a mensch, them writing me back. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth – then poof. Who doesn’t love roulette?

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