that other piano lesson

Boris said to his piano teacher, Mrs. Schneider
Why is it you never say anything nice about my playing?
Mrs. Schneider replied, because the part of you that believes you deserve compliments, is already working precisely the way we need it to work by virtue of not being flattered.
Does that mean you think I’m good?
Let me ask you a question Boris, why do you want me to tell you, you are good?
Because it makes me wonder if you think I’m not good.
“It” makes you wonder?
Yes, “it” makes me wonder.
Dear boy, I think you are asking the wrong question, ask instead who is “it” that makes you wonder. And if you catch that “it” fart in their face. “It” wants you to believe something is wrong when nothing is wrong.
Did you learn that at the conservatory?
That’s a fair question. I believe the answer is no. The conservatory taught me to play but life taught me upon whom to fart.

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