Q and accomplished

Q the time traveling trickster from Star Trek and Deep Space 9, Voyager etc. went back in time, and popped into Lenny Breau’s apartment who was nodding off at the time. Q gave him a few shakes, then asked Lenny wha he thought about his musical talent. Lenny said when all is said and done he doesn’t really know anything. Then continuing his love of surprise, Q popped into other private spaces from different points of time and posed the same question to Wes Montgomery, Segovia, Jeff Beck, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and lastly Apollo, who started the whole string thing with his golden lyre.  No matter how accomplished the world thought of them, in their heart of hearts each shared the same confession,  they felt like the more they appeared to know, the more they realized they didn’t know. Q concluded that whatever the mind knows how to do, whether musical virtuosity or speaking 6 languages or executing arm-stand reverse 2 somersaults in the tuck position – is never a big deal to the mind that can do it.  The big accomplishment for all these accomplished people is what has not yet been accomplished.  He wondered what the opposite of that might look like. Maybe it would look like someone who has not accomplished anything believing that they are exceptional and needing to regularly tweet about such things in the middle of the night.

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