The brain unable to stop thinking after the body has gone to rest, that’s what the teacher said long ago. Awesome dreaming about relationships that never happen in the non-dream state like reunions with dead friends which is what I recall upon waking up this morning. What is more amazing, that or the video watched with Esmé about the digestive system. Such a mind blower the small intestine. Driverless cars might be the future but the design of this machine, the one we are in life, not only knocks everything else out of the water but it also gets the credit for creating the driverless car. There is a classical piano piece currently advancing. The part I’m at has complex fingering, can only do it by playing it a zillion times and once the finger/brain crystallizes we can move a wee bit more. The funniest part in all this is that the I of I is either in the space of struggling to learn or else listening back to the feat after it is accomplished. But it itself can’t be in the moment of execution without becoming a distraction to the instinctual part that has learned the material. Like when you are on stage singing a song you know, your brain is also free to think about other things in the room which have nothing to so with the lyrics you are singing or the chords you are playing. Dangerous to turn those thoughts on oneself, it leads to questioning how you keep it up. Increases the possibility of a pinball machine going on tilt.

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