the burdock piano festival

An artist touring from New York asked me if I would open their show at the Burdock in Toronto 4 yrs ago. Never played there before and after I was left admiring whoever owns the place for having a warm accommodating green room and food for the musicians. Seemed like the policy there. Great attention to detail. Last year I heard they had a piano festival, I wrote the booker and we had a pleasant exchange and then they asked me to forward some of my work. I sent this from a piano show at the Tranzac
(Dec 2018, the Burdock to me)
Hey Bob,
Thank you for this! I think this is very cool – my concern is that level of intensity of piano playing might detune the piano. What has been your experience?
the Burdock
(Dec 2018, me to the Burdock)
In my experience my work does not put a piano out of tune any more than Geri Allen, Jerry Lee Lewis or Gerry Atrics. I also notice in some piano festivals or jazz festivals I’ve been part of, promoters hire piano tuners to check before each show that everything is cool.
(Dec 2018, the Burdock to me)
Hi Bob,
I hear you. Unfortunately we are doing 16 shows over 8 nights and can’t possibly have the piano tuned before every show – wish we could make it work!
the Burdock
Did I lose the gig over a dad joke (Gerry Atrics) or because I suggested a way that would reassure their imaginary problem that would cost them money? Never heard anything further.

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