and you know wherever i am, i’ll come running

Heard a song today by Charlie Puth called One Call Away. It was about being a friend who you could call anytime and they would show up immediately. Didn’t Carole King already write this 50 years ago using more ideas rather than endlessly looping “I’m one call away”? Devo was right. Simple slogans on high rotation like make America great again. Examples of devolution. I looked on Youtube: One Call Away is from 2015, Charlie received over 600 million views. At school a fellow classmate gave a presentation about binaural microphones and I practiced not interrupting or revealing what I know about microphones and recording. She explained the difference between binaural, 3d, stereo and surround sound. Her Powerpoint included photographs of Thom Yorke playing an upright piano into a binaural dummy recorder and examples of recordings done for VR games. One person asked why the music world is so slow to make use of these kinds of microphones and other people answered that it would be too much money to make a stereo product as well as a binaural product. Perhaps that was the right answer, I don’t know. Many of my classmates spoke up about how cool this new stuff is. I was distracted thinking about radio plays from the 1930s using motion in their soundscapes, producing footsteps or door creaks of birds flying from the left to the right to imitate the way we hear, almost 100 years ago.

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