I have arthritis, for a few years now, comes and goes. The rheumatologist at Women’s College Hospital is intriguing. I love the short appointments with her and all my questions and all her answers but ultimately her training positions her only to administer anti-inflammatories and monitor my blood to check if this medication has yet harmed my liver. I also try many other things. One curious experience was acupuncture. Went to a place in the east end of Toronto, a dozen people in reclining chairs with needles stuck in their feet, legs, arms, hands and foreheads for about 30 minutes (if they can handle it). Was easy with various recordings on me always ready to study. Later I tried out another place closer to where I live, would have been more convenient but they played new age music throughout. Ocean waves mixed with George Winston piano. When I put on my headphones they stopped me and said their policy was to not allow clients to play personal devices. I said nobody would be disturbed plus this music you are playing sort of bugs me. They said nope, policy was clients not be distracted with their personal devices, final word like a customs agent turning you back at the border. So I went back to the one in the east end.


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