More so they have the electricity lines underground in Europe. Often I don’t think about it in Toronto but then I look up and record all the visual pollution weaving through trees, century old branches chainsaw surgery. What bugs me more, this or popular songs based on loops? I presume being broke is a major part of the loop story, the ease of working alone vs. with a group. Hearing a voice go pow pow boom boom is maybe neat for 6 seconds but the song is 4 minutes. I had a lot of students the last 7 years who seemed hooked on novelty. Like celebrating an air guitarist instead of Charlie Christian’s fingers on strings. So much American Idol aesthetic is loop music, unvarying repetition bores me. The students gush over these songs as though they represent top songwriting achievements. I guess it does for them but for me feels like awarding Monsanto’s new red wine, the one made without grapes. Maybe I don’t get it and maybe I’m not suppose to get it. At least not being underground got Jimmy Webb got Wichita Lineman.

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  1. We live in a digital age. This is the music of the time. Youth are always on the forefront of popular culture. We don’t like it because it’s at odds with our aesthetic and values. Reading this reminds of the time Sinatra smashed his car radio to bits when he heard “Light my Fire” playing on three different stations.


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