not cardamom

Cardamom where have you been all my life? Last night best dahl ever, clove, cardamom, turmeric (the real orange root not stale yellow powder). Presenting in class today on Locative Media which at first was hard to make sense of; art with smartphones, some say the future. stemming from our 21rst century position  (the omnipresence of smartphones ). Now the internet isn’t limited to a desktop experience but people bring it with them to wherever they are. Shortly it’ll all be 5G  meaning the videos and sounds will be instant, crisp and clear. I’m not as impressed or excited as my classmates, everything that’s shown as a new thing doesn’t leave me feeling like I just saw Sun Ra. that’s my measuring stick of whether anything is truly amazing. Today, my job is to tell the class about the [[murmur project]] and the “listen to track project” both of which are locative based meaning there is an experience for you to have based on where you go. Certain parts of Toronto have songs or stories attached to them which you can access when standing there by connecting to a link using your smartphone. In effect you are in the Junction and you see the sign for [[murmur]] on telephone pole and it has a telephone # on it. You call the number and hear stories by people from the Junction about where you are standing or about what’s around the corner told by them. That’s nice, not exactly cardamom dahl or the Arkestra, but nice.

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