The mind has a mind of it’s own which includes the parts of you that think they are refereeing traffic but the game has no rules and whoever thinks they can steer the car is in for perpetual disappointment. That’s why in the world of freely improvised music melodicism should be embraced as valid as anything else. Someone from that world I used to hear playing at the Spadina Hotel and their style like noisey sound effects. They were frustrated when we played together if I veered away from resembling them and explained it to me later when we took a break, they said  “That isn’t the correct way to play free.” I noticed in the American news the Democrats put forth legislation to make voting a paid holiday, to ensure unobstructed opportunities for the Americans (all of them) to vote and the senate majority leader, who earns $200,000 a year and who has to show up only 138 days a year, gave a speech admonishing this as an example of the Democratic Party out of touch with how to govern.

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