“Huawei used AI technology to complete Schubert’s unfinished symphony” that’s what the headline said. What it didn’t say was it is like a con if you believe they completed the composition as per Schubert’s taste. That’s just not on the table unless you can reanimate Schubert. But this is the position of our place and time. We use technology to correct the pitch, the timing, to imitate rhythm and to sample instruments so it isn’t a surprise that now we’re saying it writes the music as though that is a fantastic accomplishment.
There might be programs that generate music and those pieces could be called good or bad, but the point isn’t how believable is the experience. I bet when player pianos emerged there was real consideration it might be the end of pianists. The point is the origins of the experience are about an artist and their art. What makes Kafka, Emily Dickinson and Henry Darger powerful isn’t Adobe’s next operating system but the fact that they were once alive with human urges to create.

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