it was originally about music

Watched someone play who was boring and asked myself what makes this so boring. It was that he played all the right notes even if his rhythm sometimes faltered, even if he made errors he doggedly returned to the phrase and replayed it. And there were no dynamics, for him it was a performance of the correct sequence of notes – god damn it I memorized this thing and I’m going to prove it. Playing it right isn’t what makes music musical though.

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  1. Music mirrors life. This is the age of auto-tune. Nobody is allowed to make mistakes, nobody is allowed to be anything less than perfect. From the second we enter into this world, we’re being made sure not to fall off the play-structure. Bad marks? Blame the system! Bad marriage? Hit the reset button! No promotion? Discrimination! Remember: if something doesn’t work out for you, it’s not that you made a mistake.. it’s everyone else’s fault. You deserve everything and everything/everyone is your oppressor.


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