Geddy Kruger

I was hosting the Tranzac open stage last night filling in for Sarah who had a headache. There is a guy who goes by Geddy Krüger who must attend every week because I don’t get there often but each time I have he’s there. And each time he plays something by Nomeansno. It’s surprising and fantastic partly because he was born in the 80s and partly because it plops me back into 1990-ish attending Nomeansno shows in Toronto as did anyone who was anyone, they were the cutting edge. Greddy Krüger plays an acoustic bass, the kind one plays with a strap around the neck like an acoustic guitar and he slaps loud dynamic bass figures a la Rob Wright and recites the lyrics with insight, sarcasm and pride. The other night he said something critical about notes he missed and I thought to myself does he really think anyone here knows the music he’s referencing well enough to understand if there was an error? Of course not, nobody here knows Nomeanso but damn I wish Alisdair or Lisa or Corrine or Brian or anyone I used to know who also loved the Rob and John Wright show knew about Freddy Kruger on Monday nights at the Tranzac open stage.

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