the big leagues

After Cleave explained that the click track was like having a friend with perfect time, I wandered outside to the lounge at McLear, formerly RCA studios which was formerly CHUM studios (don’t know in which order) and met Tom Cochrane or rather tried to help him. He put too much water into the coffee maker and it was overflowing. He was embarrassed about the error, desperately trying to find more napkins to soak up unstoppable overflow. No big deal. I never met him again but noticed his later hits and was impressed anyone got as much airplay as he did with a harmonica that loud, what a coup. At the same time he sure loved himself healthy dose of clich├ęs. And a few more years at the Junos when the Barenaked Ladies came on the scene, I saw him up front expressing annoyance that they were being taken seriously. Maybe he thought he didn’t write My Boy’s Gonna Play In The Big Leagues.

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