Most Important Tips for Recording

1/ finish your arrangements before you start recording. if you work out the structure and believe in it’s design then you won’t be derailed by doubts later.

2/ practice with a metronome. don’t just turn it on and play along but LISTEN to the metronome as if you are on drugs and you must meld with each quarter note. ask another musician to listen to you play along with the metronome and concur that you are in time or not. as a good drummer to watch and listen. whether or not you use a metronome in the actual recording.

3/ don’t make a live recording. live shows are not the same as live recordings. the studio is an unnatural place where you can unnaturally make amazing music through overdubbing, through microphone placement, through experimentation. most favourite records are albums done in studios because you can make unnaturally amazing music that way.

4/ take forever on your vocals after you more or less have everything else. treat each phrase, each word with attention. attention to what you are saying and why. don’t just sing it in tune and remember the lyrics. remember why you wrote it or what it means and get connected to it.

5/ take at least a month to reflect on the recording and then go back to fix things especially vocals. don’t settle for anything that misses the mark.