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Almost 20 years ago a producer called me and asked if I could do him a huge favour. He was working with a director in France and she needed music immediately on a feature film. Could I write something a.s.a.p. they were in a bind. Said I would listen and give a try. We didn’t discuss any money just the subject of the film and the actors. Then the director and I exchanged 2 or 3 emails, she explained her musical ideas and asked me to coordinate with her assistant. They were desperate to do things a quick as possible. This was Friday but could I possibly try working on it over the weekend? It featured one actress from Pulp Fiction, I was very excited. Wrote some ideas meantime the director sent me an email reiterating again how desperate they were to hear anything. This was before Dropbox or other large file transfer sites were common. I uploaded 5 examples to Youtube each was about 60 seconds and sent the links to the assistant. I created a meaningless name for the Youtube url’s to keep it obscure, listed no other information. It was the quickest way I imagined getting it to the director to inspect and determine if they wanted to work with me. I could erase it in a second after they replied. I was kind of proud of solving the problem of how to help them check fast.
They went berserk. The assistant wrote me about how unprofessional I was putting it on Youtube. I removed the examples and scratched my head, my role was over. It rang in my head for some weeks after that they thought me unprofessional. I ran into the producer a few years ago at a tree nursery. He was buying an Austrian pine, me some lavender. I asked whatever happened with that film? He rolled his eyes and told me how much money had been lost, implied she was out of touch with reality and burned every bridge. He left the project because she was unaccountable and unreasonable. The film was never completed. I sure enjoyed hearing all about how unprofessional she was.

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  1. Whenever a criticism is levied, 99% of the time, the levier is simply talking about their own insecurities.


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